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Advertising pre-launch advice service: Copy Advice®

Since 2001, AUTOCONTROL provides the advertising practitioners with an additional helpful tool with positive preventive effects: the Copy Advice® service.

The Copy Advice® service is the technical opinion and/or advice on the legal and ethical correctness of a specific advertisement before it's launched to the public.

It is voluntary, confidential and non-binding. It might be requested by advertisers, their agencies or the media where the advertisement has been sent for publication or broadcast.

Copy Advice® reports are delivered by AUTOCONTROL's Legal and Technical Team, in writing, within about 3 days upon request (within 24h when requested by TV broadcasters).

This service is free of cost for AUTOCONTROL members, while there is a specific fee for non-members.

Although Copy Advice® reports are not binding neither for the requester nor for the Adevrtising Jury, when a complaint is submitted afterwards, the advertiser might “appeal” a Copy Advice® report before the Jury if there is a disagreement with the opinion or advice provided in it. Should the advertiser use this “appeal” tool, the Jury's decision would then be binding for the advertiser.