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Basics About Control

Codes of conduct

AUTOCONTROL has two main Codes, which cover commercial communications of all products/services in all media:

  General Code of Advertising Practice.- AUTOCONTROL's Code of Advertising Practice was last updated in April 2011.

•  Ethical Code of Confianza Online (only available in Spanish): Confianza Online's Code has been updated in 2015.

AUTOCONTROL's Codes are based on and inspired by the Codes of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They represent the updated interpretation of basic and general principles applicable to commercial communications. Its main objective is that advertising is legal, honest, fair and truthful.

Being member of AUTOCONTROL implies the commitment to comply with its Codes of Conduct.

AUTOCONTROL is the only self-regulatory body which participates in the control and application of all sectoral advertising codes in Spain (TV advertising, food advertising for children, toys, videogames, alcoholic beverages, etc.). Its participation is mainly structured on the activity of its Advertising Jury (Jurado de la Publicidad) as an independent complaint resolution body, although in some cases AUTOCONTROL also participates in the application of sectoral advertising Codes in Spain through its advertising pre-launch control service (Copy Advice®).