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The Asociación para la Autorregulación de la Comunicación Comercial (AUTOCONTROL) is the Spanish advertising self-regulation organisation (SRO), similar to all those existing in other EU countries.

It is composed of the main advertisers, agencies and media (TV, press, outdoor, radio, Internet, etc.) in Spain , as well as the main advertising industry associations.

AUTOCONTROL's main objective is to contribute to ensure high ethical standards in advertising to benefit consumers, competitors and the marketplace.

AUTOCONTROL has signed several agreements with relevant statutory authorities in order to set up co-operation schemes (self-regulation within a co-regulatory framework), in which advertising self-regulation (AUTOCONTROL) co-operates with regulators by providing them with a helpful additional complement to the statutory mechanisms in place.

Moreover, AUTOCONTROL participates in the control and application schemes of all sectoral advertising codes in Spain (TV advertising, food advertising for children, toys, videogames, alcoholic beverages, etc.).

How does AUTOCONTROL work?

There are 3 key instruments in AUTOCONTROL, as in most advertising SROs:

1. Code of Conduct

2. Out-of-court dispute settlement system: Advertising Jury (Jurado de la Publicidad in Spanish)

3. Prior control mechanisms

- Advertising pre-launch advice service (Copy Advice®)

- Cookie review service (Cookie Advice®)

Further information:

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